New Year’s Proposal

5.59 am. The green numerals glowed on the digital alarm clock.

It was silent except for a person’s soft breathing.

6.00 am. Buzz.

A hand swiftly reached out from under the sheets and silenced it.

(A soft groan and sounds of sheets rustling)

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A New Start

The snow was starting to fall. Taeyeon rested her chin on the table top and watched the tiny bits of snow flakes blanket the ground. It was just after Christmas, an off peak period for the motel which Taeyeon was working at. Everyone had already gone home for the long break over the Christmas period and leading up to New Year’s Day.

Bored of staring at the snowflakes falling from the sky, Taeyeon gave herself a good stretch and decided to make herself a cup of hot chocolate. She had volunteered to work through the holidays since she didn’t have any plans during this period.

Taeyeon stood at the window, watching the occasional car whizz by on the main road while sipping on her cup of hot chocolate. Letting out a sigh, she wondered where those people were heading to. Surely they had more exciting plans instead of being cooped up at a small motel near the highway.

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