Baking my way into your heart


A pencil broke into two and a grunt was heard. Everyone around the blonde stopped what they were doing momentarily and looked at her.

“Argh!” Wendy slammed her journal shut and stuffed it into her satchel. Swinging the strap cross her body, she left the cafe in a huff.

Lately, Wendy had been having the writer’s block. The deadline for her article was drawing near and it was tremendously stressful. Her boss would definitely skin her alive if the article didn’t arrive in his inbox by the end of the week. She was a regular contributor to a lifestyle column in the local newspaper and had to submit an article every week. Deciding a noisy cafe was way too distracting for her, Wendy decided to work at home.

On the way to the train station, Wendy noticed a short queue forming outside a bakery. Curious, she stopped to take a look. There was a chalkboard sign placed outside the bakery with the handwritten words “Soft, tender and warm. Fall in love with our unforgettable chocolate bread today.”

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Of gummies and candies

Jessica was pacing around the long table in the kitchen with an iPad in her hand. Her brows were furrowed and she was constantly muttering to herself. Out of the blue, she stopped and slammed her hand on the table and waving the iPad around with the other hand, causing her best friend to jump in fright.

“I don’t know what kind of cake to bake!” Jessica groaned before letting out a long sigh. Taeyeon’s birthday was coming up in a week and she planned to bake a birthday cake as a surprise for her. It was the first year they would be celebrating her birthday as a couple and she wanted to do something special for Taeyeon. She didn’t want to get any help from Yuri and Yoona for fear of letting the cat out of the bag, hence she engaged the help of her best friend Tiffany.

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