Surprise Me

Having a sweet tooth, it was no surprise that Yoona applied as a server in the neighbourhood ice cream parlour when she heard that it was hiring. It didn’t hurt to earn extra cash on days when she had no classes at the university.  Plus, she was entitled to try the latest flavours of handmade ice cream.


The usual flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and mint sold well but very few people were willing to try unique flavours such as sweet corn, basil or avocado. Yoona tried all of them and was amazed at the owner’s creativity.


One afternoon, time seemed to be crawling slower than a snail. There were only two customers at lunch time and no one else entered the shop since then. Yoona kept herself busy by wiping the ice cream freezer or washing the scoops so that she wouldn’t fall asleep. About mid-afternoon, the bell rang as a customer opened the door.

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