The Drive



They had been driving for almost two hours. No one uttered a single word during that time.


“Let’s stop here for a while,” Taeyeon broke the silence. She eased the car off the road onto the gravel and parked. Pressing a button, she opened the soft top, gave herself a long stretch with her arms over her head before tilting her head back onto the headrest.


Jessica let out a short sigh before leaning her chin on her arm, which was propped on the door. Her heart was heavy. She had a lot of things to say to Taeyeon but no words could come out of her mouth.


After a while, Jessica shifted her gaze to the woman next to her. It was then she realised that Taeyeon had fallen asleep. She studied Taeyeon’s features very carefully, knowing it was probably the last time she was able to be so close by her side.


The short lashes, the small nose and sharp chin. All those features made Taeyeon beautiful in Jessica’s eyes. Jessica tilted her body slightly and leaned closer, taking in the fresh mint shampoo which Taeyeon used. She was thankful Taeyeon was sleeping else she wouldn’t had been able to be so up close to her.


The pair had spent every single moment together in the past month. They rented a room in a motel at a far flung place. Nothing else was important to them as long as they had each other.


Their days soon became a routine. They shared meals, drove around the small town aimlessly, sat by the lake, chatted, laughed, cuddled and watched the stars shining in the sky before returning back to the motel to make love until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was the life they wished they shared.


They talked a lot and even imagined what life would be like if they could spend it with each other together forever. However, after the first few days, they decided to avoid talking about ‘forever’ because there wasn’t a ‘forever’ for them.


Taeyeon’s eyes fluttered open and she was surprised to see Jessica leaning so close. She was tempted to pull Jessica in for a long deep kiss but willed herself against it. Last night was the last time they spent it as a couple. They both agreed that once the day broke, they had to put everything behind and forgot that the past month had happened.


Jessica didn’t budged and inched closer to Taeyeon. Taeyeon could feel Jessica’s warm breath on her face and shifted her body away from her.


“It’s time to go,” Taeyeon said bluntly. Her heart ached as she started the engine and begin to drive.


“Tae,” Jessica called out softly.




“Can you do me a favour? For a … last time?”


Taeyeon nodded, without turning her head away from the road.


“Can you hold my hand for the rest of the journey?”


Taeyeon’s heart sank. No matter how cold she pretended to be, it was impossible to erase the overwhelming feelings of love for Jessica overnight.


Using her free hand, Taeyeon reached across to grab Jessica’s hand. She felt Jessica slowly weaving her fingers between hers and finally resting their intertwined hands on Jessica’s thigh. Taeyeon didn’t object, knowing it was probably their last physical contact.


For the next two hours, no words were spoken. Taeyeon stole glances at the woman next to her, trying to capture the image of the beautiful brunette in her mind. Memories of how her confession to Jessica came flooding her mind and she fought to hold back her tears as she drove.


Finally they arrived at the airport. The car came to a stop. Both of them seemed unwilling to move. With an inward sigh, Taeyeon loosened her hand from Jessica’s. It was painful, as if a knife had stabbed her heart, but she had to do it.


“We’ve arrived.”


It was time to say goodbye.


Jessica’s eyes had began rolling down her face despite her trying to hold them back.


“Thank you…for doing me…the favour…,” Jessica choked, her shoulders shaking.


Taeyeon nodded slowly.


“Goodbye.” Jessica unbuckled her seat belt and alighted.


Taeyeon couldn’t bring herself to utter a goodbye. She got up and unloaded the suitcase from her boot.


Jessica held onto the handle of the suitcase, paused for a moment, before walking towards the airport terminal.


Just then, a hand grabbed Jessica’s wrist and in a swift moment, spun her around. Soft lips met Jessica’s as a pair of hands wrapped tightly around her back and pulled her close.


They broke apart slightly, foreheads touching, Jessica’s tears were never-ending and their lips still lingering on each other’s.


“I need you to forget about me and move on.”


Jessica couldn’t reply and sobbed harder.


With a last deep kiss, Taeyeon pulled herself away from the brunette. She hurriedly jumped back into her car and drove off.


“Goodbye Sica. Really, really good goodbye,” Taeyeon muttered to herself sadly and she finally unleashed her tears.


= The End =

A/N: Inspired by Koalahug97’s TaengSic edit.