Chapter 7

Taeyeon stood in front of the lift, waiting for it to come. Her heartbeat was increasing with every minute.


Should I…go back? Jessica…she’s…ravishing…she’s captivating…She’s like a magnetic force trying to pull me in…


The lift arrived. Taeyeon lifted her heavy feet and went into the lift. Her mind was still pre-occupied with the blonde, not realising that the lift doors were still open when she stood inside. Just as the lift doors were about to close, Taeyeon dashed out. She paced around the lift lobby, trying to decide her next course of action.


We’re both adults and we should know what we’re doing. It’s obvious she wants me too…should I bite the bullet and just go for it? It’s only a fling…maybe even just a one night stand. It’s probably not the first time for the both of us anyway. We could just walk away and not see each other again if it doesn’t turn out well. No big deal…


The more she thought about it, the more she desired the blonde. Stopping at the front of Jessica’s hotel room, she slowly reached for the silver doorbell.


The door opened shortly after the doorbell rang. Jessica stood at the door with a puzzled expression on her face.


“Taeyeon? You’ve forgotten to take something?” Jessica asked.




Without hesitation, Taeyeon stepped into the room, cupped her hands around Jessica’s face and sealed her lips against hers. She used her right leg to kick the door so that it would shut.



Jessica smiled into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s neck. She inclined her head, deepening the kiss. Taeyeon nudged Jessica towards the bed, their lips and bodies pressed together, as they waltzed their way to the bed. The back of Jessica’s legs hit the edge of the bed and she fell backwards, pulling Taeyeon with her.


Taeyeon let out a soft laugh as she collapsed onto Jessica, breaking their kiss. Their faces were just centimetres apart and they could feel each other’s quick breathing.


“I thought it would be better if I stayed behind to help instead of leaving. It would save you the trouble of doing many rounds of changes later on,” Taeyeon said, her eyes filled with lust as she looked into Jessica’s brown eyes.


Jessica giggled and traced Taeyeon’s jawline with her index finger. “You’re more than welcome to stay. Let’s not waste any time. We’ve got a lot to discuss.”


Jessica unbuttoned Taeyeon’s cardigan and slid it off hastily. She pulled the black cotton tee over Taeyeon’s head and dumped the piece of clothing onto the floor. Taeyeon clumsily unbuttoned Jessica’s blouse as she hovered over her.


There was an audible gasp from Taeyeon as she parted the blue blouse Jessica was wearing. The corner of Jessica’s lips turned upwards in a smirk.


“You like what you see eh?” Jessica asked seductively.


Taeyeon nodded weakly, trying to catch her breath. By now, all she could hear was the loud thumping of her heart that seemed to echo throughout the room.


Jessica pulled Taeyeon towards her and attacked Taeyeon’s lips with vigour. Taeyeon was trying to pull Jessica’s shorts down while the latter was hastily unbuttoning Taeyeon’s jeans. It was a tangle of arms and legs as they struggled with their remaining clothes, urgent to release the pent up sexual tension within themselves.


Two hours later, someone’s growling stomach broke the silence in the room.

“Oops, I’m guessing it’s way past dinner time. Someone’s hungry,” Taeyeon said jokingly, running her fingers down the sides of the blonde. She buried her face in Jessica’s hair, her arms and legs were wrapped snuggly around Jessica’s body, hugging Jessica from the back.


Taeyeon shifted her body, propped her head up with one hand as she bent forward to kiss Jessica’s neck and shoulder, while drawing invisible letter “J”s on Jessica’s stomach with the other free hand. Jessica shuddered at Taeyeon’s gentle touch.


“You’re fitter than you look. I wouldn’t have known you have such well-defined abs if I wasn’t given a chance like this,” Taeyeon murmured, her lips still leaving a line of kisses on Jessica’s milky shoulder.


Jessica merely smirked as she rolled out of bed, escaping from Taeyeon’s advances. “You’re no doubt a baker. Your fingers are powerful and nimble.”


Taeyeon blushed at that comment. She ran her fingers gently across Jessica’s arm and thigh, as if she was playing a piano. She was glad she made the right move of coming back. It was worth it.


“I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat,” Jessica said as she slipped on the bathrobe that was lying on a chair nearby. She knew Taeyeon was hungry for more action in bed but she enjoyed teasing her.  Taeyeon hurriedly got out of bed and followed Jessica into the bathroom to wash up but was greeted flatly by the bathroom door.


“Control yourself darling, the night is still young,” Jessica’s voice came from the toilet.


Taeyeon sulked and had no other choice except to obey if she wanted more.


After dinner at a nearby ramen store, they headed back to Jessica’s hotel room and continued their “discussion” about the website throughout the rest of the night.


The next morning, Jessica was stirred from her sleep by someone stroking her arm. She opened her eyes lazily and turned around to face the other person who was in bed with her. Taeyeon’s eyes were closed but she had a cheeky smile on her face. Now both of Taeyeon’s hands were kneading Jessica’s arms gently.


“Wake up, I’m not a piece of dough,” Jessica barked.


Taeyeon opened her eyes and chuckled. “Of course I know but you’re as soft as one.”


Jessica gave Taeyeon a light slap on her back and the latter made a pout.


“I’m leaving this evening and there’s still time to spare. How about…” Taeyeon asked, caressing Jessica’s bare bottom and curling her legs around Jessica’s.


“No,” came a flat reply.


“I’m not asking for another round of…”


“No.” Jessica cut Taeyeon off.


“How about brunch before I leave for the airport in the afternoon?”


“Remember we agreed this is gonna be a no-frills affair. If you’re keen for more, then abide by the rules.”


“Frills or no-frills, you’ll need to grab a bite to fill your stomach. You said you had nothing to do today. Why waste a perfectly wonderful Sunday cooped in the hotel room? I could bring you around the city.”


Jessica yawned and turned her back towards Taeyeon. “It’s a perfectly good day to sleep in. I lack sleep.”

“Was I that good that I made you so tired?” Taeyeon cooed as she drew circles on Jessica’s back with her finger.


Smack smack


“Okay okay, I get it. Violent woman…but I like it. I’ll shower and be off. Join me if you like,” Taeyeon teased. She rubbed the red spot on her thigh where Jessica slapped as she got out of bed.


Taeyeon took a quick shower and got dressed. She walked to the side of the bed and saw Jessica fast asleep.


Good gracious, she is really that tired. Where did that energetic woman from last night go to? Ha!


Taeyeon knelt down and gave Jessica a quick kiss on her eyelid. “Goodbye. I’m sure we will meet again. Soon.”




Two weeks later at Jessica’s apartment


“How long would you be gone for this time?” Tiffany asked, looking up from her iPad.


“Three weeks,” Jessica replied. She was busy choosing her clothes from the wardrobe and packing them into the luggage.


“Big project eh?”


“Yea,” sighed Jessica. “That Sato insisted on getting me to personally oversee the project though I already have a capable project lead in Tokyo. Fortunately this project is ending soon.”


“I’m sure he has a reason for this request.”


“Yes. To get me in bed with him,” Jessica said bluntly.


“What? You mean he is trying to get into your skirt?” Tiffany exclaimed. “Doesn’t he know that you’re gay?”


“My dear girlfriend, I don’t hang a ‘gay’ tag on my chest nor do I advertise about my gender preferences,” Jessica said as she shot Tiffany an icy glare.


“Just his bad luck for barking up the wrong tree. Good luck in trying to fend him off.”


“Thanks,” replied Jessica sarcastically.


“Let me download some good movies for you onto your iPad so that you would have something to occupy your time over there, since you said Miss TYO isn’t available.”


Tokyo, Japan


Jessica managed to avoid joining her clients on their daily drinking sessions at the local pub near their office for two nights in a row, citing a headache. She preferred casual drinking instead of entertaining clients. Escaping back to the hotel, Jessica changed into casual clothes before heading out to the surrounding area for dinner.


It was unfortunate that Yuki wasn’t free during her stay this time around as she had to go Hokkaido to film a drama. Jessica wandered along the streets alone and stopped by a roadside ramen store located outside a train station. She had always wanted to eat at one of these roadside stores after watching various food programmes on cable.


Grabbing a small wooden stool, she gave her order to the old Japanese lady at the store before sitting down. While waiting for her noodles, she took out her phone and started scrolling through her phone list.


KTY. At our last meeting, she mentioned that she would be in Japan around this period. Wonder if she’s around this area. I recalled she stayed a few train stops away at our last meeting. Should I try my luck?


Jessica’s finger hovered around Taeyeon’s number, wondering if she should dial it. Just then, the hot bowl of noodles came and Jessica tucked into her food hungrily. The store was getting crowded as more and more people ended work and stopped by the store for dinner. She finished her noodles and thanked the old lady for the meal before heading back to her hotel.


While walking back to the hotel, Jessica saw a brightly lit shop along one of the smaller side roads and decided to take a look since it was only 9pm. It was a quaint little shop selling handmade goods and clothes. She wanted to enter the shop but was informed by the owner that he was closing. Dejected, she stood outside the shop, admiring its window display.


Soon, the store switched off its lights. Jessica decided to return to her hotel and rest. There were not many lamps along the side street, hence it was rather dim as she made her way to the main road.


Suddenly, Jessica felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned around and was startled by a Japanese teenager dressed in a black hooded sweater. She couldn’t see the face clearly as it was partially hidden by the hood.


“Hey pretty lady, how about handing over your wallet and mobile phone?” a teenager said in a gruff voice. He was pointing at the bulge in Jessica’s jeans pocket.


“No way. Why should I hand it to you? Back off!” Jessica barked.


“You must be a foreigner. Foreigners are rich. Give me your wallet now!” the teenager threatened as he got nearer to Jessica.


Jessica took a step backwards, trying to widen the gap between herself and the intruder. She realised that she was at a dead end, with her back against the store window. She balled up her fist, ready to defend herself. Cold sweat was breaking out at her temples, her heart was pumping very fast and she knew she had to think of an escape plan soon.

“Because…I’ll destroy your beautiful face if you don’t. Hand it to me, now!” the young man raised his voice. He whipped out a pocket knife from his back pocket and pointed it at Jessica.


Jessica’s eyes widened with fear. Now this was a tricky situation. She refused to hand over her belongings though that was probably the best way to escape. The fact that the teenager was trying to rob someone instead of working hard to earn his money irked her.


“You’ve proper limbs and don’t look physically disabled. You ought to be working for your money instead of trying to rob someone,” Jessica lectured.


“Hey lady, I’m not here to listen to a talk about earning money. It’s my own business how I lead my life. Let me say it for the last time, hand me your wallet and mobile phone else I’m really gonna have to use my knife,” the teenager growled.


He was standing right in front of Jessica and his pocket knife was dangerously close to Jessica’s face. His cold black eyes were staring into Jessica’s eyes as they met face to face.


Jessica gulped. It seemed like she didn’t have a choice anymore. She reached into her jeans pocket for her wallet.


“Hold it right there!” a voice yelled.



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