Expressivo (7)

Expressivo – to play expressively


After that night at the playground, Taeyeon and Jessica didn’t manage to meet often as Taeyeon was tied up with orchestra practices almost every night. The nationwide tour was coming very soon and that meant long hours in the practice room. They kept in touch with each other via text messages or short phone calls almost daily.

Sleeping already? – Taeyeon

Not yet. Still at practice? – Jessica

Jessica looked at the time on her mobile phone. It was almost 10pm.

Yes. After sectionals, I stayed behind to practice my solos. I’m so tired now. T__T – Taeyeon

Don’t stay too late. You need proper rest so that you will be in the pink of health. – Jessica

Whenever I feel tired, I’ll think about you and all my weariness will disappear. – Taeyeon


Jessica couldn’t suppress the smile that was creeping up her face, yet at the same time, she was worried about Taeyeon working so hard.

You can resume your practice tomorrow. Don’t be too hard on yourself. – Jessica

Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’ll leave by midnight. Go to sleep, you need rest too. – Taeyeon

Jessica frowned when she read Taeyeon’s message. She thought of a way to make Taeyeon leave earlier. She grabbed a pullover from her cupboard, got dressed and left her house.

I can’t sleep coz I’m worried about you practicing alone in the room. – Jessica

I promise I’ll leave after this last piece. I just want to get this part right. – Taeyeon

You’re such a perfectionist. – Jessica

Jessica continued to text Taeyeon as she walked down the corridor where the practice rooms were located. She was surprised to see a handful of musicians still hanging around the room.

A lot of hard work goes into a two hour performance. It’s a pity not many people can see this side of the musicians.

Finally Jessica arrived outside Taeyeon’s practice room.

It’s 10.45pm. Time for your energy booster. Come out to get it. – Jessica

Taeyeon was puzzled by Jessica’s last text message. She carefully placed her clarinet on the side cupboard and walked towards the door. Once the door was opened, Taeyeon was immediately enveloped in a hug, causing her to take a step backwards in order to maintain her balance.

A nice smelling peach scent filled Taeyeon’s nose, allowing her to instantly identify the visitor. She smiled and wrapped her arms around the unexpected visitor. They remained in the hug for a little while, both of them didn’t want to let go of each other.

“Why did you come here? It’s already so late at night. I don’t want you to get into trouble with your parents,” Taeyeon mumbled softly into Jessica’s ears, her lips grazing across Jessica’s hair.

“Because I’m worried about you. Because I miss you.”

Taeyeon was momentarily at a loss, emotions overflowing in her heart. It was a rare moment that someone, besides her family, cared so much about her. She planted a kiss on Jessica’s temple and pulled the latter in a tight hug.

“Sorry dear,” Taeyeon apologized.

“Let’s pack up and leave, shall we?” Jessica asked as she separated herself from Taeyeon.

The corners of Taeyeon’s turned up into smile as she nodded her head in agreement.

Both of them enjoyed a cup of iced chocolate each before heading home. Taeyeon insisted on sending Jessica home since it was very late and that Jessica had taken the effort to meet her that night. They held hands as they took a slow walk from the bus stop to Jessica’s house. Taeyeon couldn’t stop giggling along the way.

“What’s so funny?” Jessica asked curiously.

“I’m just too happy to see you,” Taeyeon beamed, with a sparkle in her eyes.

“You silly clarinetist, so happy over such a small surprise,” Jessica chuckled. They stopped at a lamppost along the street, one block away from Jessica’s house.

“Because it’s from you,” Taeyeon grinned as she pinched Jessica’s cheek lightly. “You better go now, it’s already past midnight.”

Jessica was reluctant to part, she refused to let go out her hand that was intertwined with Taeyeon’s. Jessica stuck out her lower lip and pouted but Taeyeon still insisted that she should be leaving. Taeyeon gave Jessica a hug and nudged her towards her house.

“Good night Sica.” Taeyeon waved.

Jessica stopped at the entrance of the apartment block and waved back. Then she disappeared into the block.

I’m missing you already. Taeyeon thought to herself as she headed for the bus stop.

Suddenly, Taeyeon heard hurried footsteps behind her. Someone was running torwards her. She stepped aside to avoid the person and turned around to see who was coming.

The next moment, Jessica was standing in front of her, slightly panting. The blonde leaned forward, cupped Taeyeon’s cheeks with both hands and kissed Taeyeon’s forehead.

“Good night, Taeyeon ah,” Jessica whispered shyly as she removed her hands from Taeyeon’s cheeks.

Taeyeon caught hold of Jessica’s hands before they left her cheeks. She pressed both hands against her own cheeks and looked into the pair of brown eyes that were staring back at her.

“What is this? A night of surprises?” Taeyeon asked, pleasantly surprised by the sudden kiss. It was the first time Jessica had taken the initiative in such a physical intimacy.

Jessica was blushing madly. She missed Taeyeon so much and that led to her doing such a crazy thing.

Taeyeon ran her fingers through the blonde locks, stopping at the back of Jessica’s head. She tiptoed a little and kissed Jessica fully on the lips. A simple kiss led to a more passionate one. Taeyeon placed her other free hand on Jessica’s cheek as she traced her tongue against Jessica’s lips gently. Once she felt Jessica’s mouth open slightly, she quickly slid her tongue in, touching the tip of Jessica’s tongue and sucking Jessica’s lips gently.

Jessica felt her toes curl, an electrifying feeling spreading from her mouth to the tips of her toes. She saw fireworks going off in her head and her legs felt wobbly. She placed one hand around Taeyeon’s waist and the other around Taeyeon’s neck, adjusting her position to suit the rhythm of the kiss.  Their bodies were pressed together as they kissed passionately under the lamppost.

After a while, they parted their lips, their noses still touching each other’s. It was the first time they kissed each other so deeply.  Taeyeon stole a brief kiss from Jessica as their bodies disconnected from each other.

“Late night surprise.” Taeyeon bit her lower lip and grinned cheekily.

Jessica’s face was as red as a tomato by now. There was a shy smile on her face as she ran off in the opposite direction to her house. Taeyeon watched her disappear into the apartment block for the second time before she finally left for home. That night, both of them went to bed in their own rooms with wide and satisfied smiles on their faces.


One evening after orchestra practice was over, Taeyeon walked out of the arts centre to find Jessica waiting for her. The latter had a large tote bag on her shoulder and a handbag on the other shoulder. She was smiling sweetly as she waved to Taeyeon.

“Hey sweetie, waited for a long time?” Taeyeon asked, linking her arms with Jessica’s.

“Not really. How was practice?”

“Good. We’re on track and I’ve a feeling it’s gonna be an awesome concert. Where are you taking me to and what’s in that bag?” Taeyeon asked, eyeing the tote bag on Jessica’s shoulder.

“You’ll know it soon, just follow me,” Jessica teased.

Moments later, they arrived at a park. It was the park where they shared their first kiss. Jessica unpacked several plastic containers from her tote bag and laid them on a stone table located at the playground. Taeyeon helped to open the covers of the containers and realised that it was a spread of Korean street food such as fish cakes, toppokki, tteok kkochi and kimbap.

“Tuck in!” Jessica took out two pairs of chopsticks and handed one to Taeyeon.

“You made all of this?” Taeyeon asked, poking at the kimbap.

Jessica nodded. “Tell me if you like it.”

Taeyeon stuffed the piece of kimbap in her mouth and chewed hungrily. “Hmm, it’s good. Here, have some too.”

Taeyeon picked up a piece of kimbap and offered it to Jessica. Jessica ate it off Taeyeon’s chopsticks. They continued feeding each other the food that Jessica brought. When they were done, both of them climbed to the top of the slide and sat there.

Taeyeon leaned across for a kiss but was met with Jessica’s palm instead. Jessica let out a girlish giggle and stuck out her tongue at Taeyeon.

“What’s up with you tonight? Is it another night of surprises again?” Taeyeon asked, eyeing the blonde suspiciously. She had an arm around Jessica’s waist, her hand was gently patting Jessica’s thigh as she spoke.

Jessica didn’t say a word as she had a smirk on her face. She took out an iPad from her handbag and placed it carefully on her thighs. Reaching into her bag again, she took out a chocolate chip cupcake that had a candle on it.

“Hold this for me okay?” Jessica instructed Taeyeon. Taeyeon did as she was told, still wondering what Jessica was up to.

Jessica produced a lighter and lit the candle on the cupcake. Taeyeon only knew what was happening when Jessica started playing the happy birthday tune using the piano app on her iPad.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Taeyeon ah, happy birthday to you!” Jessica sang.

“It’s your birthday you dork! Quick, make a wish.” Jessica patted Taeyeon’s thigh, urging her to blow the candle.

Taeyeon made a wish before blowing out the candle. “How did you know when’s my birthday? I’m so busy I actually forgotten about my birthday. Thank you dear.”

Taeyeon gave Jessica a brief kiss before sharing the cupcake with her.

“Are you forgetting that you’re the star clarinetist in the orchestra? I just need to do a quick check in Naver and all the info I need are there,” Jessica proclaimed.

“Ah, I see. How did you learn to play this song? I don’t remember teaching you this.” Taeyeon asked, pointing to the iPad.

“The wonders of youtube,” Jessica said proudly.

“I’m proud of you.” Taeyeon patted Jessica’s back.

“I’ve a good teacher who inspires me to learn more about music.” That sentence made Taeyeon smile. It was probably the best compliment she heard in years.

“By the way, I did some further research on the personalities of clarinetists. Guess what the urban dictionary calls us?” Taeyeon said smugly.

Jessica thought for a while and shook her head. “What is it?”

“That clarinetists are known to be good kissers.” Taeyeon closed her eyes, leaned forward and kissed Jessica on her lips before she could react. Jessica didn’t refute that sentence at all as she melted into the kiss, letting Taeyeon’s tongue enter her mouth once again. She liked that feeling and wondered why there was such energy coming from Taeyeon when it involved the tongue.

Midway through their kiss, Jessica found the reason behind Taeyeon’s powerful tongue. It dawned on her that clarinetists had to do a lot of ‘tonguing’ or ‘double-tonguing’ as part of an articulation technique. She smiled as she allowed herself to be lost in the kiss.

“You like it? I could feel you smiling as we were kissing,” Taeyeon whispered breathlessly as they parted. She was curious about Jessica’s reaction to such a deep kiss and wondered if she was pushing it a bit too much.

A hint of blush tinted Jessica’s face as she nodded her head slightly.

“Shall we try again?” Taeyeon asked naughtily as she closed the gap between them again without waiting for a reply.

They spent the next hour sharing sweet kisses and cuddling at the top of the slide, lost in a world of their own in the quiet neighbourhood.


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