(03) Of gummies and candies

Jessica was pacing around the long table in the kitchen with an iPad in her hand. Her brows were furrowed and she was constantly muttering to herself. Out of the blue, she stopped and slammed her hand on the table and waving the iPad around with the other hand, causing her best friend to jump in fright.


“I don’t know what kind of cake to bake!” Jessica groaned before letting out a long sigh. Taeyeon’s birthday was coming up in a week and she planned to bake a birthday cake as a surprise for her. It was the first year they would be celebrating her birthday as a couple and she wanted to do something special for Taeyeon. She didn’t want to get any help from Yuri and Yoona for fear of letting the cat out of the bag, hence she engaged the help of her best friend Tiffany.


“This is too pink, that is too boring, this is too traditional, that is too complicated…” Jessica rattled on, poking at the iPad’s screen.


“Instead of listing out the things that are not suitable for Taeng, why not think about what she likes?” Tiffany suggested, looking up from the book on cake decorations she had in her hands.


“Hmmm….the things she like….” Jessica mumbled. A corner of her lips slowly rose, forming a half smile. Soon, she broke into girlish giggles.


“Why the sudden laughter?” Tiffany asked suspiciously. Jessica’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink and she was covering half her face with her hands.


“It definitely has something to do with a certain baker and perhaps the bed, judging from the perverted look on your face.”


Jessica picked up the iPad and hid her face behind it while giggling nonstop. Her best friend knew her inside out.


Just then, they heard the sound of the front door opening. Tiffany hurriedly placed the book back into the cabinet and shut it. Moments later, Taeyeon appeared at the door way of the kitchen. She was puzzled by the scene of a laughing Jessica and a frowning Tiffany.


“Hi Tiffany!” Taeyeon greeted as she walked into the kitchen. “I’ve made some chocolate banana pudding last night. Would you like to try it?”


Taeyeon enveloped Jessica in a hug, planting a light kiss on her forehead. “Hi baby, why are you hiding behind an iPad? What’s the joke that’s making you laugh so hard?”


Jessica wrapped her arms around Taeyeon in a hug and spun the baker around so that Taeyeon’s back was facing Tiffany. Then she used frantic hand gestures to tell Tiffany to keep quiet about the plan to bake Taeyeon a birthday cake.


“Free dessert, why not?” Tiffany giggled at the funny sight of her friend whose face was contorted.


“Jess and I were just talking about things we like. What do you like, Taeng?” Tiffany asked casually, leaning against the kitchen cabinet.


Taeyeon released her lover from the hug and held Jessica by the shoulders gently, studying every inch of her face.


“I like…Jessica! I like her smile, her hair, her kind heart, her lips, her sexy curves…” Taeyeon went on and on, touching each part of Jessica’s body before pulling Jessica into a waltz in the kitchen.


Tffany slapped her forehead. “Taeng, I said what, not who. All of us know that the both of you are hopelessly in love with each other.”


“We are, aren’t we, baby?” Taeyeon planted a kiss on Jessica’s cheek, unashamed to show her affection for Jessica in front of the latter’s best friend.


Tiffany rubbed her hands and pretended to shiver. “I think I’ll skip your dessert. Your cheesiness is making cheese ooze out of my ears already,” Tiffany said in mock horror, causing the couple to giggle.


“My friend, I really cannot understand how you put up with this every day?” Tiffany asked, waving her hands in the air.


“She makes me laugh when I’m feeling down, isn’t that right, my mood lifter?” Jessica ruffled Taeyeon’s hair playfully and turned it into a mess.


“Yes baby!” Taeyeon nodded excited and leaned in for a kiss on Jessica’s lips.


“That’s it! I’m getting out of the way right now.” Tiffany covered her eyes and disappeared out of the kitchen in a flash.


A few days later…


“I’m still trying to adjust to you being so domesticated,” Tiffany commented as she picked up a packet of frozen chicken thighs from the freezer. She was accompanying Jessica on a grocery shopping trip at the supermarket since Taeyeon was busy at the Seoul Culinary Academy.


“I need food to survive.” Jessica was peering at the shopping list in her hand.


“Ya, when was the last time you bought proper food to cook at home? I thought your grocery list only comprised of Baileys, fruits and chocolates,” Tiffany sneered.


“Tiff, just grab the items on my list and stop commenting so much will ya?” Jessica said coldly.


Tiffany couldn’t help but laugh. Being engaged had definitely changed Jessica’s lifestyle and she was thankful her best friend was eating regularly and more nutritious food now.


They ticked off the list of things which Taeyeon had written as they walked through the different aisles in the supermarket. The confectionary section was their last stop.


“Seriously, the amount of things you need to buy from the confectionary section is one third of the whole shopping list!” Tiffany was amazed at the long list of candies and gummies on the list.


Jessica ignored her best friend’s comment and was already picking out the items without referring to the list. By now, she already knew what sort of candies, chocolates and gummies Taeyeon liked. Going through the shelves, she picked up several packets of sweets and dumped them into the shopping trolley.


“Jess!” Tiffany exclaimed suddenly.


“What?!” Jessica turned around and glared at her best friend. She was startled by Tiffany’s loud voice.


“I have an idea about her birthday cake!” Tiffany smiled sweetly, pointing to the items in the shopping trolley.


A look of bewilderment appeared on Jessica’s face. She didn’t know what Tiffany was referring to.


“You’ll thank me for it! Let’s grab the stuff and go go go!” Tiffany said eagerly.


On Taeyeon’s birthday…


Five of them were gathered in Jessica’s apartment for a simple dinner prepared by Tiffany and Yuri.  They had an enjoyable time chatting and laughing on Taeyeon’s birthday. After they were done with dinner, Yoona ushered Taeyeon to the living room and made her wear a red glittery party hat on her head. Yuri joined them shortly, bringing out cups of sparkling grape juice since Taeyeon wasn’t able to hold her alcohol. Earlier on, Jessica issued firm instructions to the rest of them not to make Taeyeon drunk on her birthday or they would get hell from her.  The three of them, fearing for Jessica’s wrath, obediently nodded their heads in unison.


“Where’s Sica?” Taeyeon asked, noticing Jessica’s absence from the mini party at the living room.


“Sica unnie probably went to change into something new. She accidentally spilled the white wine sauce from her pasta onto her dress earlier on,” Yoona quickly replied.


“Did she?” Taeyeon said suspiciously, not convinced at the answer she got.

“You were busy talking to Tiffany and didn’t notice it,” Yuri added quickly. She threw Yoona a side glance, asking her to check on the preparations of the other two.


Just as Yoona stepped away, she saw Tiffany approaching them from the kitchen. Tiffany gave a quick nod and gave a thumbs up.


“Taeyeon unnie, are you ready?” Yoona beamed. She dimmed the lights in the living room.


Taeyeon darted her eyes around the living room and noticed someone coming out from the kitchen, holding a cake with a single lighted candle in her hand.


“Happy birthday, darling.” Jessica smiled sweetly when she stopped in front of Taeyeon.


The baker’s jaw dropped at the sight of the unique birthday cake in front of her. It was an Oreos cheesecake that was lined with Kit Kat bars around its side. On the top of the cake, there were Oreos cookie bits, colourful M&M chocolates, Skittles and gummy bears. There was a single pink candle in the middle of the cake.


“Jess baked it herself while I supervised,” Tiffany said proudly.


“Wow,” was all Taeyeon could say.  She was stunned by Jessica’s surprise and was momentarily lost for words.


“Sica unnie didn’t ask us for help at all. She made everything from scratch by herself! Yuri unnie and I only know about it today,” Yoona said happily.


“Do you like it?” Jessica was a little worried, seeing Taeyeon’s shocked reaction.


“I…I’m just so touched. Thank you, baby,” Taeyeon said sincerely, unable to wipe the broad smile off her face.


“Quick blow out the candle before the cake melts.” Yuri gave Taeyeon a pat on the back.


“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…,” everyone sang in unison.


Taeyeon blew out the candle when the song came to an end. Everyone clapped as Taeyeon cut the cake. Tiffany cut the rest of the cake and handed the first slice of cake to Jessica.


When Jessica presented her with the slice of cake, Taeyeon shook her head and folded her arms across her chest.


“You don’t like it?” Jessica asked.


“I like it. In fact, I love it. I’m so touched by your efforts…it’s just that…”


“Just what, Taeng?” Yuri asked curiously. Everyone looked at the baker who wore an unreadable expression on her face.


“There’s still something missing.” Taeyeon puffed out her right cheek and pointed to it. Everyone immediately knew what the hint was.


Jessica was blushing from head to toe as she leaned forward to kiss Taeyeon’s cheek. The mischievous baker turned her head at the very last moment and Jessica ended up kissing Taeyeon on her lips instead. The baker had one hand behind Jessica’s head in order to prevent Jessica from slipping away. She knew that Jessica tended to be shy and didn’t like to display her affections for the baker in public. They engaged in a rather passionate kiss before Taeyeon freed Jessica. The latter was embarrassed at the sudden attack on her lips and was blushing from head to toe.


The rest of them pretended they didn’t see anything as they helped themselves to the cake and drinks.


“Not a bad effort, Jessica,” Yuri praised after a few mouthfuls of the cheesecake.  She smiled broadly and gave Jessica a thumbs up.


“Sica unnie, you should learn how to bake from Taeyeon unnie and we can add your creation to our café!” Yoona beamed.


“I’m dying from diabetes from the amount of sweets in the cake and also from that affectionate-can’t-take-my-hands-off-you-and-can’t-stop-kissing couple over there. Would you two stop staring at each other lovingly and help to finish the cake and drinks?” Tiffany commanded.


Yoona’s outburst of infectious laughter caused everyone to join in and the night ended with everyone in happy tears.


After everyone left the house, the couple took turns to shower and prepared to retire for the night after a long day. Or at least, that was what Taeyeon thought as she sat in the bed, resting her back against the headboard. She was reading a magazine on her iPad while waiting for Jessica to finish showering.


“Hey darling,” a seductive voice called out from the door of the bathroom.


Taeyeon looked up from her iPad but she couldn’t see Jessica clearly as the light from the bathroom was much brighter than the dimly lit bedroom. Jessica was walking towards her in a seductive manner, her hands on her hips.


“Oh.” Taeyeon’s mouth formed the shape of a letter ‘O’ when she saw Jessica standing at the foot of the bed, dressed in a red lacy lingerie, the one Taeyeon bought for her as a Valentine’s Day gift. Jessica was holding a glass of red wine in her right hand. Using the small remote control in her left hand, she turned on the sound system that was in the corner of the room.


Come a little bit closer

Baby, get it on, get it on

‘Cause tonight is the night when 2 becomes 1


The sultry voices of Spice Girls filled the quiet room.


Jessica climbed onto the bed and slowly headed towards the baker, whose mouth was still frozen in the shape of the letter ‘O’ and whose eyes were wide open. She drank a mouthful of red wine before setting the glass on the bedside table. Then, she carefully pried the iPad from Taeyeon’s stiff fingers and placed it on the bedside table.


Taeyeon was frozen in her spot as she watched Jessica coming closer and closer towards her. Her heart was beating so fast she could hear it echo against the walls in the room. Her hands felt a little sweaty and her body stiffened.


Placing her face next to Taeyeon’s cheek, Jessica used her lips to brush against Taeyeon’s ear. The smell of perfume permeated the air around Taeyeon. Taeyeon took a deep breath, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her lover. Taeyeon brushed away the thick strands of hair from Jessica’s neck and ran her finger down from Jessica’s neck to the collarbone.


“You…are…using…my…favourite…perfume…,” Taeyeon uttered each word weakly. Jessica knew that Taeyeon liked this particular scent and she wore it intentionally for tonight.


Jessica smirked. She ran her fingers through Taeyeon’s soft hair, gently scrapping her scalp. Multiple fireworks were going off in Taeyeon’s mind when Jessica’s manicured nails drew lines across her head. All Taeyeon could see was the bright sparks of fireworks in front of her eyes.


“Now you know the reason why I didn’t allow them to serve alcohol to you. I want you to be sober and enjoying every moment for the rest of the night,” she purred before sitting upright, straddling the baker.


Taeyeon swallowed hard at the sight of her near-naked lover in front of her. It was amazing how Jessica managed to ignite the fire of lust in her no matter how many times they made love with each other.


“I was a little worried about how would you be able to taste the red wine in my mouth if you’re in such a daze. That’s your favourite taste right?” Jessica chuckled, caressing Taeyeon’s face with one hand. She flashed Taeyeon a wink and Taeyeon swore she almost combust on the spot.


“I…I like that…taste…,” Taeyeon stuttered, trying to catch her breath. Her pulse quickened and her breathing was uneven. Her eyes travelled downwards slowly, enjoying every inch of skin.


Jessica placed one hand below Taeyeon’s chin, tilted the latter’s head upwards and covered Taeyeon’s lips with hers. It took a brief moment before the baker responded as she was still reeling in from the unexpected surprise from Jessica.


I need some love like I never need before

(Wanna make love to ya, baby)

I had a little love, now I’m back for more

(Wanna make love to ya, baby)


“This is the best birthday present I ever had,” Taeyeon mumbled against the soft skin of Jessica’s neck as she slowly peeled the barely-there lingerie off the latter’s body.


Soon, clothes were scattered all over the floor as two bodies melded and moved together in sync, forming a perfect ending to a birthday celebration.


= THE END = 

A/N : For Taeyeon’s 26th Birthday. Part of the No Strings Attached couple’s First Time one shot collection.


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