One of a Kind

The couple stood in front of each other near the door of their apartment. Tiffany tied a red knitted scarf around Jessica’s neck. She adjusted the scarf before flipping the long blonde hair and letting it settle nicely onto Jessica’s shoulders. Jessica adjusted the pink beanie on Tiffany’s head, carefully tucking the stray hairs underneath the beanie and behind her ears.

Once both of them were satisfied, they headed outdoors where a thick snow had blanketed the ground overnight. They headed for the small park opposite their apartment, holding hands, intending to have fun in the snow. It was a chilly Sunday morning on a Christmas eve but there were a lot of people at the park. Most of them were children who were running around, throwing snowballs at each other.

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What is warmth in a relationship?

Warmth is receiving a text message from your loved one and it brightens your day

Jessica was twiddling her pen in her right hand before switching over to her left hand. She was in a very long meeting that involved the finance department going through the budget for each department in the company. It wasn’t her department’s turn yet and she was bored stiff listening to all the numbers the presenter was going through. A few of her colleagues were trying not to yawn while others were doodling on their notepads, pretending they were taking notes.

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Notes from the Heart (1/2)

There are moments in life when you stop and ask yourself what you’re doing in life and you’re your priorities are. Sometimes you wonder if it was worth going through the trouble or putting up with other people’s criticisms when you push ahead with your own opinion.

It was a cold winter night. I slipped on my jacket, wrapped a scarf around my neck, put on my boots and headed out to the waterfront. The cold wind was blowing against my face and it felt like I was pressing my face against an ice wall. I adjusted the scarf to cover half my face as I walked down the quiet street.

“This is the last time you’re going to hear from me. Thank you for being so helpful and for being so nice to me for the past year. Goodbye.”

Those words rang in my head. I could still recall the sadness in her voice and in that note she left me.

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