Baking my way into your heart


A pencil broke into two and a grunt was heard. Everyone around the blonde stopped what they were doing momentarily and looked at her.

“Argh!” Wendy slammed her journal shut and stuffed it into her satchel. Swinging the strap cross her body, she left the cafe in a huff.

Lately, Wendy had been having the writer’s block. The deadline for her article was drawing near and it was tremendously stressful. Her boss would definitely skin her alive if the article didn’t arrive in his inbox by the end of the week. She was a regular contributor to a lifestyle column in the local newspaper and had to submit an article every week. Deciding a noisy cafe was way too distracting for her, Wendy decided to work at home.

On the way to the train station, Wendy noticed a short queue forming outside a bakery. Curious, she stopped to take a look. There was a chalkboard sign placed outside the bakery with the handwritten words “Soft, tender and warm. Fall in love with our unforgettable chocolate bread today.”

What a cheesy line. Wendy thought to herself. However, the writer in her sensed there was something different about this bakery from the others and it made her take a second look.

Just then, two schoolgirls came out of the bakery, giggling and gushing about the bread in their hands. A man in office attire came out after them, smiling contentedly after he had taken a bite of the bread. Wendy’s curiosity grew threefold, puzzled by their reactions. She wondered if the bread really tasted that good. Intrigued, she joined the queue.

After twenty minutes, Wendy reached the front of the shop. It was a small shop that had a large glass window which allowed passersby to look in. Inside, there were two shelves lined with trays but they were all empty. Besides those, Wendy couldn’t see anything else due to the crowd inside the shop. She turned her head around to check on the people behind her and observed that the queue was growing.

Whenever the door opened and customers exited, the fragrant smell of freshly baked bread filled her nose. The smell triggered a warm and fuzzy sensation within her body and Wendy was a little surprised. It was just the smell of freshly baked bread, why was it able to create such a feeling?

Forty minutes passed and Wendy was finally inside the shop. She was amazed at her own patience because she would never have queued so long for food. If it were other cafes or restaurants, she would have walked away and head for the next nearest option. She must had been enchanted by the lovely smell of the chocolate bread.

The interior of the shop had minimal decorations. Tags were clipped in front of each tray and borne names of breads and pastries that would have been there. There was a poster on the wall with the words ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Bake.’ Another poster next to it had a picture of a rolling pin with the words ‘Let’s Roll.’ Behind the counter was a door, presuming leading to the kitchen. There were noises coming out from the door and the intense sweet scent of bread baking in the oven was filling her nose.

Wendy was rather amused by the choice of posters.

“Welcome! How many pieces of unforgettable chocolate bread would you like?” A tall girl behind the counter chirped. Her long chocolate-coloured hair ended just below her shoulders and she wore a bright smile. The tag on her chest had the words “I am beary happy to serve you” accompanied with a cute cartoon bear.

Wendy took a second glance at the tag, thinking there were a spelling error until she noticed the pun. Sighing inwardly, she wondered if the owners were trying to be funny or lame.

“I”ll take two please, thanks,” Wendy replied, taking some notes out of her wallet.

The tall girl picked up two pieces of chocolate bread and placed them into a brown bag before handing them over to Wendy.

“Thank you for your patronage. We hope you’ll enjoy our unforgettable chocolate bread and remember to come back and visit us again.”

Wendy nodded with a small smile before leaving. Once she exited the shop, she pulled out the bread right away and took a small bite. Warmth rushed through her body and she automatically broke into a grin. By the time she realised she was smiling to herself, Wendy caught sight of envious eyes looking at her direction, as if they wanted her piece of chocolate bread too. She quickly dropped the bread back into the brown bag and hurried to the train station, shielding it from the people in the queue.

When Wendy got home, she couldn’t wait to sink her teeth in the bread. It took her ten minutes and a cup of coffee to finish the chocolate delight. She licked her lips, feeling satisfied yet regretting she didn’t buy enough. It was the first time a simple bread gave her such a warm feeling and it was definitely an unforgettable one too. The best part was it gave her the much needed inspiration to finish her article.

Two days later, Wendy headed back to the bakery. A last minute instruction from her boss caused her to arrive much later than usual. She hoped the bakery was still open.

Upon arrival, Wendy saw a tall girl counting the number of people in the queue and talking to each of them. Stopping just five people in front of Wendy, the tall girl announced that the bakery’s unforgettable chocolate bread was sold out for the day. She apologised before heading back into the bakery.

Disappointed, Wendy could only stare into the bakery from outside, thinking about how delicious the bread would taste in her mouth if she had been able to leave her office earlier.

The next day, Wendy managed to rush out of her office and went straight for the bakery as if her life depended on it. The unforgettable chocolate bread was addictive, despite only eating it once. It made her want to eat it again. This time, she saw people queuing up patiently. She quickly joined the end of the queue.

About ten minutes later, the same tall girl who served her that day came out of the shop. She had a pen and clipboard in her hands. As she approached each customer, Wendy noticed a few customers showing numeric hand signs and the tall girl was scribbling on the clipboard. She was praying hard and hoping that she could buy one piece of chocolate bread.

By a stroke of luck, the young girl behind Wendy was earmarked as the last customer of the day. The young girl shrieked, nearly bursting Wendy’s eardrums as she thanked her lucky stars. The tall girl bowed and apologised to the remaining customers and gave them a discount coupon each.

Inside the bakery, the orders were packed into brown bags, labelled with the customer’s initials. One by one, the customers went to pick up their orders and paid for them. Just then, a petite woman dressed in white came out of the kitchen and joined tall girl. The woman wore a white chef hat and had a white apron.

“Thank you for your support.”

“Thank you.”

“We are happy you like our bread. Thank you.”

Thank you were the two words that filled the bakery as customers picked up their orders.

When Wendy got closer to the front of the line, she let out a gasp. A wave of familiarity travelled through her; her heart beat a little faster and she twiddled her fingers. The baker resembled someone she knew from high school, to be exact, her crush.

The moment of truth was revealed when Wendy saw the name embroidered in silver on the left chest of the baker.

Kim Tae Yeon

Wendy was a bundle of nerves as she waited with bated breath for the person in front of her to leave.

“Thank you for coming. I hope you’ll enjoy the bread. Do visit us again!” Taeyeon greeted with a bow.

The moment their eyes met almost caused Wendy to collapse. Her legs turned into jelly as she forced a weak smile while trying to stabilise herself.  

“Wendy? Wendy Sohn, is that you?” the baker asked, tilting her head a little.

Wendy froze on the spot and her eyes widened with surprise.

“Do you remember me? I am your senior in high school.”

Taeyeon smiled broadly when she was certain she was right. Wendy’s stomach did a twist, the same one whenever she saw her crush with that smile. It was a smile that was as cute as a kitten and as sincere as the morning sun.

“Of, of course I do,” Wendy stuttered nervously. “You re-remembered me!”

Taeyeon let out a laugh. “I definitely do. How can I ever forget about an English speaking girl with blue highlights in her hair and speaks Korean with an accent?”

Wendy’s cheeks instantly turned as red as the red velvet cake in the cake fridge. After ten years, Wendy was surprised she still harboured a crush for her senior. They bumped into each other on the streets four years ago. That time, Taeyeon was dating the school’s belle Jessica. It was then Wendy buried all feels for Taeyeon deep down in her heart. Now, those feels burst out of the hidden chest and filled every inch inside of her. She wondered if Taeyeon was still together with Jessica.

“Here for my unforgettable chocolate bread?” Taeyeon smirked. “I remembered you love chocolate back then. I take it that you like it now too?”

Wendy nodded, trying to channel a proper response.

“Here you go,” Taeyeon whispered in a low voice as she leaned towards Wendy. “It’s on the house.”

It wasn’t exactly face to face since they were separated by the counter, but it was close enough for Wendy to blush deeper.

“You re-remembered I like chocolate.” Wendy was secretly pleased at her senior’s awesome memory.

“You make me sound like an old granny who has poor memory. I believe I am only three years your senior, not thirty years right?” Taeyeon chuckled, pushing the brown bag towards Wendy.

While Taeyeon and Wendy were getting reacquainted, the tall girl handed the last brown bag to the girl queuing behind Wendy. When the tall girl was done, a slight frown appeared on her face.

“You’ve got flour on your face,” the tall girl used her fingers to wipe off the white mark on Taeyeon’s cheek.

“Thanks Seulgi. What would I do without you?” Taeyeon stood on tiptoes and stuck her lips out in a pout at Seulgi.

Seulgi laughed and gently smacked Taeyeon’s arm.

Wendy’s smile disappeared in a wink. Seeing the closer interaction between Seulgi and Taeyeon, she presumed they were very close friends and hope they were nothing more than that. She picked up the brown bag, left the exact amount on the counter and turned around to leave.

At that moment, Wendy felt someone grab her hand. She turned around and saw Taeyeon holding onto her wrist. Taeyeon’s hand was warm.

“Wendy, let’s catch up over coffee some day.”

“Okay.” Wendy gave a quick nod and smile. All she could focus on was the hand that was holding her wrist.

Taeyeon released her grip and flashed a lopsided smile. “Thank you for coming. I’m certain you’ll enjoy the bread.”

The butterflies in Wendy’s stomach stirred again. She said goodbye and quickly left the store.

Just as she walked down the street, Wendy heard someone running after her.

The baker stopped right in front of Wendy, panting as she waved a piece of scrap paper in front of Wendy.

“This is my number. Call me when you are in the area.”

Wendy couldn’t  believe her eyes. In high school, it was a dream to get Taeyeon’s number. Countless times, Wendy dreamt of how she would ask Taeyeon out for coffee if she had gotten her senior’s mobile number.

Right now, the baker was standing in front of her, panting a little after the short sprint and flashing her mobile number at her.

Seeing Wendy in a somewhat dazed state, Taeyeon grabbed Wendy’s free hand and stuffed the scrap of paper into her palm.

“Call me. I got to clean up. Bye bye!” Taeyeon called out as the distance between them grew.

That night, Wendy lay in bed, staring at the crumpled scrap paper in front of her. Her lips automatically turned upwards in a smile as she reminisced her school days.

Wendy first met Taeyeon at the school’s orientation. She initially mistook Taeyeon as her peer since the latter looked so young and was petite. It wasn’t until Taeyeon went up to the stage and made announcements as one of the orientation group leaders that Wendy realised Taeyeon was three years her senior.

During the campfire on the first night, Taeyeon happened to sit beside Wendy. Through their conversation, they discovered a common interest between them and it was baking. Since that night at the orientation, they bumped into each other at school on and off but each time, Wendy was too shy to approach Taeyeon. Towards the end of the year, she hardly see Taeyeon around. The final year students were busy preparing for their year end examinations.

Once, Wendy spotted Taeyeon dining alone in the library’s cafe in the late evening. Seizing the opportunity, she quickly approached her senior. Unfortunately, a slim girl with dark brown hair beat her to it. She recognised the girl as another senior named Jessica. She was born in Los Angeles but moved to Seoul when she was in elementary school.

The next instant, Jessica threw her arms around Taeyeon’s chest and hugged the petite girl from behind. Taeyeon’s smile was as bright as a diamond when Jessica pressed a kiss on Taeyeon’s temple.

Wendy’s dream shattered right before her. She blamed her lack of confidence and turned away silently, consoling herself that it was only a silly crush.


Two weeks later, Wendy found herself standing in line outside Taeyeon’s bakery. She had been rushing to meet deadlines and completely forgotten about the bakery. What jolted her memory was the wrinkled piece of scrap paper that fell out of her notebook last night when she was packing her bag.

This time, a different scent wafted out of the bakery; it was stronger and definitely didn’t smell like cocoa. Curious, Wendy went to the front of the store to look at the chalkboard. True enough, there was a new item on it and it was ‘Korean power garlic bread’. She was rather amused by that odd name.

While queuing, Wendy was engrossed in her book that she failed to notice the person standing next to her.

“You didn’t call me.” Wendy jumped a little and looked up to see a frowning Taeyeon.

“Sorry, I was busy with work,” Wendy replied apologetically.

A small smile appeared on Taeyeon’s face.

“Our latest product, the Korean power garlic bread, comes in handy! Garlic helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol,” Taeyeon paused before leaning towards Wendy. “At least that’s what I read online.”

The close proximity resulted in an increase in beats in Wendy’s heart. Somehow, Taeyeon still had the effect of making her weak in the knees and feeling light-hearted.

Taeyeon chuckled, seeing Wendy’s surprised reaction. “Follow me.”

Taeyeon skipped towards the bakery and beckoned for Wendy to follow. Seulgi gave a quick nod towards Wendy while serving the customers in line.

Upon entering the kitchen, Wendy felt like a kid in a candy store. She couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear when she saw the neat kitchen filled with bakeware, a large oven, an island in the middle and a row of cabinets. It wasn’t a big kitchen but definitely well-equipped. The scent of freshly baked garlic bread lingered in the air. Her interest in baking was instantly rekindled.

“I remember vaguely you mentioned you like baking. You mentioned it during orientation right? Do you still bake?”

Wendy’s eyes were wide but her smile was wider. She was pleased Taeyeon remembered her interest.

“Not very often as I wished,” Wendy let out a short sigh. “Adulting is tough.”

“Yes it is.” Taeyeon nodded in agreement. “Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time and remain as a student. Hey, you know what? We could have coffee and reminisce about the past. Hmm…are you available later?”

“Oh me?” Wendy blurted.

“Errr, yes you. You’re the only one here and I believe I was talking to you for the past ten minutes?”

A splash of pink coloured Wendy’s cheeks.

“Sorry, I was distracted by your kitchen,” Wendy lied. Her heart was beating a little quicker. “I’m free for the rest of the day.”

“Great. Let me clean up and we can go to a nearby cafe. It’s nice to catch up with old friends.”

About fifteen minutes later, they were sitting face to face at a nearby cafe and were merrily chatting about their school days. Wendy was tempted to ask if Taeyeon was seeing someone but thought it was too awkward to pop the question since they only just rekindled their friendship after a few years.

The conversation naturally led to baking, a common interest which both of them shared.

Noticing the enthusiasm in Wendy’s eyes, Taeyeon suggested Wendy to visit the bakery and bake together with her.  

Wendy let out a gasp. “Are you serious? I’m not a professional!”

Taeyeon nodded firmly. “Neither am I. Just trying to make a living here and at the same time, pursue my love for baking.”

Wendy covered her open mouth with her hands. “You must be joking. Your bread is so delicious!”

Taeyeon laughed heartily. “Baking is a science. If you follow the recipe step by step, it’s impossible to go wrong.”

“You’re being too humble.”

“And you’re thinking too lowly of yourself.” Taeyeon patted Wendy’s arm lightly.

Wendy wanted to squeal out loud but she was thankful she managed to contain it inside of her.

Instead, these words rolled off her tongue before she could hold them back. “When can I start?”

This time, Taeyeon bended over with laughter. “You sound like you’re applying for a job as an assistant baker here.”

“Oh, you mean I’m not paid for helping out?” Wendy asked, pretending to be surprised.

“How about payment in kind? Say…with your favourite unforgettable chocolate bread,” Taeyeon grinned before taking a sip of her black coffee.

Wendy pondered about Taeyeon’s suggestion for a while. “I have a condition to add.”

“What is it?” Taeyeon asked, curious about the sudden request.

“I’m a writer for the lifestyle section of The Times newspaper and I contribute to a column on a weekly basis. Can I do an interview with you and perhaps even writing about my baking experience here?”

Taeyeon bit her lips and thought about it for a while. “I don’t see why I should say no. It would be good publicity for my bakery.”

“It’s a deal then!” Wendy stretched out her hand.

Wendy’s stomach did a flip the moment their hands touched. Taeyeon shook her junior’s hand firmly, pleased to reunite with a schoolmate.

On her first visit, Wendy couldn’t wait to start baking again, especially if it’s baking with her high school crush. She felt like a teenager going out on her first date. Skipping her way inside the store, Wendy was greeted warmly by Seulgi. She had momentarily forgotten about the presence of the tall girl and hadn’t asked Taeyeon if she was a staff or someone special.

Taeyeon had a white apron and cap ready for Wendy. The younger woman put on the baker’s gear, all set to conquer her first job. Wendy was caught by surprise when Taeyeon decided to teach her how to bake the delicious unforgettable chocolate bread.

“Isn’t that supposed to be some secret recipe?” Wendy asked.

“Nope, there’s no such thing as a secret recipe. Good things are meant to be shared. After today, you can bake your own unforgettable chocolate bread at home. You don’t have to specially make a trip here to get it.”

But I want to come here and see you! Wendy thought aloud.

“It’s not that far from my house. Besides, it’s good to catch up over baking,” Wendy grinned.

Taeyeon mirrored the grin before breaking into a laugh. “I wouldn’t mind having a friend over too.”

Over the next few weeks, Wendy would pop by once every week, usually on a Saturday evening when the bakery wasn’t that busy. Taeyeon was happy to have an old schoolmate over and even more so when someone shared a common interest in baking. At times, they discussed about new recipes and experimented them together.

One evening, as Taeyeon was preparing to lock the doors of the bakery, she paused in front of the wall that had the posters.

Good things come to those who bake.

A particular someone came to mind and Taeyeon couldn’t help but chuckle to herself.

On her ninth trip to the bakery, Wendy noticed a CLOSED sign plastered on the main door. Entering from the back door like what Taeyeon told her do, Wendy noted that Taeyeon was in the midst of baking a cake and it was a rather big one with three tiers.

“Someone ordered a large cake?”

Taeyeon piped a row of flowers along the top of the largest layer. “Hmm, it’s a wedding cake actually.”

“Ah, looks delicious.”

Wendy noticed Taeyeon’s eyes twinkled. “It’s for a special someone.”

Wendy’s heart skipped a beat. She had a bad feeling that cake had something to do with Taeyeon but her curiosity got the better of her.

“Ahh, I’m curious. May I ask whose is it?”

Taeyeon was aware of Wendy’s interest in finding out who the mystery person was and decided to tease her. “I’ll tell you if you help me whisk the batter.”

“Ah, okay,” Wendy replied distractedly. Her mind was filled with imaginary images of Taeyeon’s special someone.

With Wendy helping her whisk the batter, Taeyeon prepared the oven and cake pans.

Wendy couldn’t help but watch Taeyeon butter the cake pans, a look of concentration on her face; she was the cutest thing Wendy had ever seen.

Wendy hadn’t realised that she was practically staring at her crush and wasn’t focused on whisking at all until she split batter on the table.

Taeyeon skipped to Wendy’s side in a jiffy. “Sorry, I assumed you know how to whisk the batter. I should have asked.”

Before Wendy could reply, she felt a small warm hand wrap around her hand which was holding the whisk.

“It’s actually quite simple. It’s all about the wrist,” Taeyeon explained, standing behind Wendy. “Just…”

Wendy couldn’t register a single word that was coming out from Taeyeon’s mouth. The words merely felt like a gentle breeze blowing past her cheeks. Her body was warmer than usual and her mind was filled with images of Taeyeon standing so close to her. Her heart was beating very quickly, even faster than the rapid whisking action they were doing as one. Her jaw went slack as fireworks burst within her body, sending tingles all the way to her toes.

“Are you alright?” Taeyeon asked when she released her hand from Wendy’s. She noticed the deepening red on Wendy’s face and wondered if the kitchen was too stuffy.

While Taeyeon hurried to the far end of the kitchen to open the windows, Wendy almost collapsed on the floor. Fortunately she managed to steady herself by placing her palms on the table. She let out a quick breath and regained her balance.

Being in such close proximity, bodies almost touching each other, almost driven out the oxygen in Wendy’s lungs. Even she was taken aback by her own emotions.

“Better?” Taeyeon draped her arm around Wendy’s shoulder and patted her arm.

Wendy nodded vigorously. The feelings of joy came rushing back once again.

“Do you want to continue or …”

“I am fine. Don’t worry about me,” Wendy defended.

Taeyeon bit her lips and thought about some simpler tasks she could get Wendy to help. Little did she know that her action stirred the butterflies in Wendy’s stomach.

Picking up a pink lump of fondant, Taeyeon told Wendy to cut out letters for the cake using the cookie cutter.

“The letters J and T, and a pink heart,” Taeyeon beamed. The corners of her lips were almost reaching her eyes.

Wendy made an ‘okay’ sign with her fingers. As she was cutting out the letters, it dawned on her that it was possibly Taeyeon’s own wedding cake! And Taeyeon was making it for a special someone, who was likely her future wife and the wife’s name started with the letter J.

“Whoa!” Wendy exclaimed out of the blue, startling Taeyeon. It was obvious who J was. It had to be Jessica, Taeyeon’s girlfriend and now soon-to-be wife, from high school!

“Are you alright? You seemed a little out of sorts today.”

“I…I am fine. Maybe just… a little tired,” Wendy lied, her voice shaking a little. One moment she was on cloud nine, the next moment she came crashing down to earth.

There was a knock on the door and Taeyeon hurried over to open it. A woman with platinum blonde hair entered the kitchen. She wore a dark pair of sunglasses and floral-scented perfume.

She’s so pretty. Love her heels! Wendy thought to herself.

“Just in time!” Taeyeon proclaimed, smiling proudly as she stood in front of the incomplete cake.

The blonde took off her sunglasses and recognition hit Wendy.

“Jessica,” Wendy muttered to herself.

Putting the jigsaw pieces together, the completed puzzle appeared like this; Jessica was the woman whose name was on the wedding cake and her partner was Taeyeon. J heart T, it totally made sense (at least to Wendy).

“Like what you see?” Taeyeon asked, pointing to the largest tier which was just completed.

Jessica nodded firmly and gave a thumbs up. Taeyeon broke into a laugh before turning to face Wendy.

“This is Wendy Sohn. Remember the Canadian transfer student in our school? I was her orientation group leader. Wendy, this is Jessica Jung. I believe you have not met her before though she’s in the same school as ours and the same age as me.”

Jessica smiled and gave a quick wave while Wendy bowed a little as a greeting. It was obvious Wendy knew who Jessica was. Wendy was envious of Jessica’s beauty, figure and height.

She has everything in the right proportions! No wonder she’s Taeyeon’s special someone.  Wendy thought to herself.

As if she was able to read Wendy’s mind, Taeyeon added, “She’s the special someone I was talking about.”

“Ooh, special someone eh?” Jessica commented, sliding her hand down Taeyeon’s arm before ending in a light pinch.

Taeyeon smacked Jessica’s arm playfully. “Specially irritating yet attractive at the same time.”

Wendy took a deep breath before extending her hand. “Congratulations to the both of you.”



Taeyeon and Jessica turned to face each other simultaneously, their faces filled with confusion. They looked back at Wendy, then at the jagged letters on the table before bursting into laughter at almost the same time.

Now it was Wendy’s turn to be confused. She tipped her head to the side and was trying to figure out the source of their laughter.

“The wedding cake…those letters….I didn’t know…” Taeyeon said between laughter. She was literally bending over while laughing. “This is just so funny!”

Jessica was more composed and helped to clarify the situation.

“Thank you for your well wishes. The J does stand for Jessica but the T isn’t for Taeyeon. It’s Tiffany. Tiffany Hwang is my fiancee and she’s the one whom I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”

Poking Taeyeon’s shoulder, Jessica continued, “This woman whose name also starts with a T is my good friend.”

Wendy’s face burst into a crimson red when she realised she made such a fool of herself. She had two alternatives; either dig a hole and hide or evaporate into thin air. Both of which were impossible hence she could only bend her head and stared at the floor.

Taeyeon wiped the tears from her eyes. “You’re such an adorable person.”

Wendy was so embarrassed and couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

“It’s quite a cute mistake,” Jessica added.

Pulling out a small selection of pastries from the oven, the three of them chatted and reminisced about their high school days. Seeing they were discussing about the wedding, Wendy left them alone while she went out to the store.

About fifteen minutes later, Taeyeon and Jessica appeared at the kitchen entrance. Jessica had something on and needed to leave. They hugged and bade farewell before Taeyeon disappeared into the kitchen.

Just before Jessica stepped out of the bakery, she pulled Wendy aside.

“She’s a good catch. Loyal and sweet. She has been babbling a lot about you recently,” Jessica whispered before she waved goodbye and left.

Wendy was stunned by Jessica’s revelation.

“Wendy, do you still want to help me with the cake?” Taeyeon called out from the kitchen.

“Y-yes!” Wendy hurried back into the kitchen. She picked up the various pieces of fondant and kneaded them into one lump, intending to remake the letters and shape again. Taeyeon, on the other hand, was busy preparing the icing.

The kitchen was shrouded in awkward silence.


Wendy’s hands stopped moving. It had been a long while since someone called her by her Korean name. In fact, Taeyeon was the only one (besides her Grandmother) that used her Korean name. She remembered how Taeyeon preferred the sound of Seungwan instead of Wendy.

Wendy looked up and saw a smiling Taeyeon standing across the kitchen island. That same smile which caused Wendy’s stomach to twist. That same smile which made Wendy’s legs go soft and her mentally going ‘awww so cute’.

“It has been a while since someone called me by that name.”

“Haha, the chat we had earlier suddenly brought back the memories of this name.” Taeyeon walked towards Wendy. “I have been wanting to call you Seungwan for the past few times but I remembered you prefer to be known as Wendy. It was what everyone called you then, including Mr Kwon.”

As Taeyeon took each step closer to her, Wendy’s heart was beating quicker and her eyes were widening with anticipation.

“I like it,” Wendy blurted. “I like how you call me Seungwan. It makes us closer.”

“Ah, closer. Like this?” Taeyeon smirked as she took one more step forward and was looking eye to eye with Wendy.

“Some-something like this.” Wendy was gripping the heart-shaped cookie cutter tightly.



“Shall we go on a date after the wedding?”

Wendy’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened with surprise.

Taeyeon grinned cheekily and gently lifted Wendy’s lower jaw so that her mouth was now closed.

Wendy nodded once, then again and a few more times excitedly.

“It’s a deal!” Taeyeon declared in English. She was trying to imitate Wendy’s accent but failed.  

Wendy burst out laughing and Taeyeon soon joined in.

Good things did come to those who baked.


= The End =