The lazy days of summer were coming to an end. The best way to spend the remaining hot summer days was to hang out at the beach with sunglasses and sun hat in tow.


Yoona’s hand was wrapped around a bottle of pina colada, sipping it occasionally while her eyes were busy scanning the shoreline for a particular person. She lifted the rim of her large sun hat and sat upright to get a better look when she finally spied her target.


“Seriously, you should just lie next to the lifeguard’s high chair instead of craning your neck. My neck aches just looking at you,” Jessica nagged as she massaged the back of her neck.

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I still remember the first time we held hands.


It was eight years ago when we were in college. You were the band majorette in our college’s symphonic band. The first time I noticed you was at the orientation when I first joined as a freshman. You looked so hot (and still am) playing the saxophone solo on stage. From that moment, I had an instant crush on you.


I joined the band (to get closer to you of course!) and we became friends. Though we were in different sections, you took time to coach me on playing the clarinet whenever my section leader was busy teaching the weaker ones. You couldn’t have imagined how I treasured every second I spent with you during those days.

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Words from the heart

The smell of citrus reached Yoona’s nose just before she was enveloped in a hug from behind. The pair of  arms wrapped themselves around the curve of her waist and the hands interlocked just below her belly button. The warm embrace was comforting and made her feel loved.


“You lost weight again,” a husky voice whispered into Yoona’s ear.


Yoona stroked the arm around her waist. “It’s because you weren’t around to feed me,” Yoona replied in mock anger.


“Ah, it’s my fault. Let’s go for a good meal right now!” The arms unwrapped themselves around Yoona’s waist. One hand found its way to Yoona’s hand and their fingers intertwined.

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Sometimes, we do meet interesting people in unexpected places and this story is about one such incident.


It was sunny for the past few days so Yoona was caught unexpected when it suddenly poured. The dark clouds loomed and the wind picked up speed. She managed to seek shelter at a store as the clouds spat out huge drops of water.

The chime of a bell welcomed Yoona into the store as she pushed the door open. It was then she realized she was in a bookstore. A musty smell enveloped Yoona as she rubbed her hands to keep warm. Shelves, from floor to ceiling, were filled with books of all shapes and sizes.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You

Knock knock

“Yuri ah, please open the door for me!”

Yuri unlocked the main door and saw a huge brown box in front of her. The box was tall and she couldn’t see the person holding it except for the arms that were wrapped around the box.

“Yoong, what’s that?” Yuri asked. She opened the door wide so that the younger girl could walk in.

“Jonghyun was clearing his cupboard and decided to pass me his train set.” Yoona kicked off her shoes and headed for the study room with Yuri following close behind.

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Empty – Chapter 5 (End)

Yuri pulled out a duffel bag from her locker and headed for the school’s gym. It was quiet since it was a Saturday morning. She pulled out the pair of kickboxing gloves from the bag and secured them around her hands. Slipping into her worn out pair of grey trackshoes, she headed into the corner of the gym where a punch bag hung from the ceiling.

After giving herself a good stretch, Yuri did one hundred sit ups and two hundred skips on her jump rope before starting on her boxing exercises. She did a variety of jabs, crosses and hooks and repeated the motions for the next few minutes until she was panting heavily.

Perspiration was dripping from her face and she wiped them with a towel around her neck.

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Empty – Chapter 4

The crowd’s cheers were deafening the moment the second female boxer got into the makeshift boxing ring. She was bouncing around on her feet and throwing light punches while she warmed up for the match.


Yoona couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the familiar figure in the ring. She let out a gasp, her hand covering her mouth as she stared at Yuri.


So that’s how all the bruises and cuts came about. Why is she doing this??

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