(12) Of rest and relaxation

“We have arrived at the land of a thousand smiles!” Taeyeon declared, pumping a fist in the air. “Aren’t you excited, baby?”


Jessica peered out of her sunglasses for a brief moment before nodding slightly. A small yawn escaped her lips.


“Where’s the meeting place?” Jessica glanced around aimlessly.


Taeyeon pulled out some documents from her backpack and looked for the hotel pick up slip.


“I think it’s over there. Let’s go!” Taeyeon held Jessica’s hand and the couple headed for one of the exits.


The couple had arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok for their short getaway. Jessica’s project had just ended and Taeyeon’s teaching semester at the Seoul Culinary School ended a few days ago. It was a good opportunity for them to take a short break together amid their busy schedules.


The journey from the airport to the hotel took more an hour due to the heavy traffic. About ten minutes into the journey, Taeyeon felt Jessica’s head leaning against hers. Trying to make Jessica more comfortable, Taeyeon sat a little more upright and placed her hand on Jessica’s thigh as the latter hugged the baker’s arm while napping. Taeyeon pressed a kiss on Jessica’s temple before turning her head back to the window and enjoying the city sights.


They finally arrived at the Banyan Tree Hotel, a luxurious five star hotel in the heart of Bangkok’s central business district. Soon, they found themselves in the Club Room of the hotel. It was a large and luxurious room, boasting a rain shower, a jumbo bath with double-ended headrests and large bay windows that offered a panoramic view of the bustling city.


Taeyeon and Jessica sat by the bay window, hand in hand, admiring the view of the city. A moment later, they walked around the room, exploring the various amenities. Noticing the huge bath tub, Taeyeon instantly knew what Jessica had in mind. A deep blush washed over her face and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Jessica.


“I intentionally chose this room as it offers a nice view of the city while we take a long relaxing bath,” Jessica paused for effect before finishing her sentence. “Together.”


Jessica gazed at Taeyeon for a brief moment before she leaned forward to close the gap between them. Things started to get a little hot as the consultant gently pushed the baker against the wall in the toilet and her hands roamed freely all over the baker.


After sharing a passionate moment in the toilet, Taeyeon suggested going out for a walk. However, Jessica was rather reluctant to do so. She had been so busy for the past few weeks and now all she wanted to do was to lay in bed and sleep.


On the other hand, Taeyeon was eager to go out. She wanted to experience what Bangkok had to offer as she heard good reviews from her friends who visited the country. It was a little disappointing when she knew that Jessica didn’t want to go out. However, she knew that Jessica was burnt out from the high stress level at work for the last project and rest was probably the most important thing in her mind now.


The couple decided to go for a spa treatment at the hotel. It was truly indulgent experience. Jessica was asleep for most part of the massage session. In fact, the masseur had trouble waking Jessica up at the end of the massage session and Taeyeon had to step in to help. It was a rather hilarious moment as Jessica woke up because she had briefly forgotten she was in Bangkok and not in Seoul.


The next day, Taeyeon, the usual early riser, woke up around 7am. She showered and even had time to take a walk around the hotel’s surroundings before waking Jessica up.


Bending down to kiss Jessica on her eyelid, Taeyeon was hoping for Jessica to wake up like she normally would back in Seoul. However, Jessica didn’t stir in her sleep at all.


“Baby, it’s almost lunch time. Wakey wakey,” Taeyeon cooed into Jessica’s ear.


Jessica moved an inch but her eyes remained closed.


Taeyeon planted a row of kisses across Jessica’s neck before the latter finally woke up.


“Baby, go wash up and let’s go for a nice lunch. The hotel has a few day tour packages which are quite interesting. I’m thinking of going for one of those today. How about visiting the Royal Grand Palace or the floating market?”


Jessica rubbed her eyes and yawned. “Darling, can we just stay in today?”


Taeyeon sat on the edge of the bed and placed her hands on either side of Jessica’s shoulders. “We’re on a holiday in a foreign land. Let’s go out to explore. It would be so fun!” Taeyeon said excitedly.


“It’s a holiday means time for rest and recuperation. That’s one of the reasons why I chose this hotel. I just want to laze around the pool or visit the spa,” Jessica replied firmly as she leaned comfortable against the propped up pillow. “You can go out by yourself, I’m perfectly fine staying in the hotel alone.”


Taeyeon’s eyebrows knitted in a frown. The atmosphere became a little tensed. She knew that Jessica was stubborn and it was futile to try to persuade her to go out when her mind was made up. Wanting to avoid an argument, Taeyeon decided to go out on her own for the afternoon. She wanted to utilize her time well in Bangkok.


“I’ll be out for a short while and join you for dinner.”


Jessica nodded lazily as she slid back into a comfortable position to sleep.


That night, they went to the Vertigo Rooftop Bar at the top floor of the hotel. It offered an unblocked 360 view of the city. Unfortunately, Jessica was afraid of heights and the narrow elongated bar made it more intimidating for her. Taeyeon had to coax the poor flustered woman with drinks before the latter would agree to step up the rooftop with her.


It took several drinks and many grumblings before Jessica finally calmed down. Taeyeon had to constantly whisper words of assurance to Jessica and rubbed her back to soothe the worried woman. She had to endure Jessica’s constant intense glare and her grumblings but she didn’t mind. All Taeyeon wanted was for Jessica to have a good time and to be able to spend time alone with her loved one.


The couple chatted the night away under the blanket of stars in the sky without any distractions. It had been a long while since they spent time together and they thoroughly enjoyed the deep conversation.


The following morning, Jessica was reluctant to leave the bed again. This time, Taeyeon was feeling a little frustrated. It was boring to go out alone. They were a couple and should stay together. Taeyeon thought deeply for a moment, trying to find a new idea to persuade Jessica to go out with her.


“Baby, it wouldn’t be fun without you.” Taeyeon held Jessica’s face with her hands. “Plus, I heard the shopping in Siam Paragon is good.”


Jessica’s eyes lit up instantly. “Shopping? Where?”


“At Siam Paragon and some other shopping malls in that area. And you love mangoes. I heard the mango sticky rice at Siam Paragon’s food court is awesome. Shall we try it?”


Jessica nodded happily and immediately got out of bed to wash up. Taeyeon mentally scolded herself for not thinking of such a brilliant idea yesterday.


Taeyeon watched Jessica weave in and out of stores merrily. She wasn’t a shopaholic but didn’t mind accompanying Jessica around. Watching Jessica try clothes was a pleasure for Taeyeon. Similarly, Jessica would patiently accompany Taeyeon when the baker wanted to look at baking tools. In fact, any form of shopping was enjoyable for Jessica, including shopping in a bakery store.


The couple got back late after a long day out. It was a humid and tiring day. They soaked their tired feet in the bathtub while sitting opposite each other.


“For a person who loves to sleep and laze in bed on holidays, I’m amazed at the sudden burst of energy when it comes to shopping,” Taeyeon commented. She playfully kicked some water towards Jessica.


“I don’t sleep just to laze around in bed. I sleep to get my energy, darling.” Jessica retaliated by flicking water back at Taeyeon using her feet.


Soon it became a water battle between the both of them. Taeyeon got up and pulled Jessica by her feet, resulting in Jessica falling into the bathtub. By now, their legs were entangled in the bathtub and their clothes were completely soaked.


Jessica’s hair was in a mess and Taeyeon’s ponytail was sticking to her neck. Jessica’s white top became translucent and it hugged her body. Taeyeon’s loose top was clinging onto her small body, making her look like a scarecrow. The couple erupted into laughter seeing each other’s wet look.


The laughter stopped as the atmosphere warmed up. Sparks flew as Jessica felt Taeyeon’s hands circling around her back and pulling her closer. Then a pair of lips grazed her cheek, causing jolts of tingling sensations all over her body.


“Thank you for accompanying me today though I know you would rather just laze in bed,” Taeyeon whispered against Jessica’s cheek. “I really appreciate it.”


“It turned out to be more fun than I had expected. I really ought to go out more often.” Jessica’s arms naturally found their way around Taeyeon’s back.


“Anywhere with me is always fun,” Taeyeon winked before leaning in for a slow kiss. “Including the bathtub.”


The baker lifted the hems of Jessica’s top up slowly, revealing the bare skin underneath. The consultant complied by lifting her arms up so that the baker could discard the top.


A few moments later, they were completely undressed and lost in each other.


= The End =



A/N: Based on a request and prompts (Bangkok, resort) by taengbrows_

This part of the story happened after the couple got together and showcased one of the incidents which they couldn’t agree with each other and had to learn to compromise.