It was 6pm but Lee Soonkyu, the principal, was still going on about work flow processes, developing critical thinking skills, disciplinary issues and other matters for the past two hours. At times, someone would excuse himself or herself to go to the washroom. Occasionally a teacher would stifle a yawn and another would stretch his or her arms to stay focused during the meeting.

Jessica was thankful for her current seat in the meeting room. First, it was towards the back and she could check her Instagram feed and Facebook every now and then to cure her boredom. Second and more important reason, she had direct view of her crush who was sitting just two rows in front of her. She enjoyed looking at him, dreaming about the things she would say to him or the things they would do if they went out on a date.

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It’s Magic – FOUR (END)

The day of the masquerade ball


The school of magic was bursting with excitement and activity. Everyone was busy dressing up and preparing for the event. Chefs were setting the food on the tables while teachers cast various spells to dress the event hall in gold and silver. Boys were dressed in suits while the girls wore glittery gowns. Everyone had a mask and it was difficult to distinguish the face behind it.


The students sat according to the houses they were assigned to and the headmasters of each house at the front of the long table. Within each house, the seniors and juniors could sit randomly, thereby encouraging interaction. The Principal gave a long speech about harmony and using magic in a good way to help the world before everyone could tuck into the delicious feast in front of them.

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It’s Magic – THREE

A week before the ball


Everyone was busy discussing about their plans for the upcoming ball. Some were trying to decide on what to wear, a handful was boasting about which girl they invited and others were just simply excited to be partying instead of studying.


Wanting to avoid the chatter about the ball, Taeyeon decided to head to the library for some peace and quiet.


Taeyeon was walking down a flight of steps when he saw Jessica at the corridor. He had been thinking of how to ask Jessica to the ball but he ended up having brain freeze whenever he faced her directly.

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It’s Magic – TWO

It was the morning of the start of the new semester at school. The teenagers were rushing around the house, washing up and getting dressed. Late comers were punished by cleaning the attic in an old and creepy tower, something no one looked forward to.


Taeyeon and Jessica happened to bump into each other at the toilet. Due to time constraint, they had to brush their teeth together in the confined space instead of waiting for one person to finish first. After Taeyeon rinsed his mouth, Jessica noticed a spot of toothpaste on his chin and casually wiped it off with her finger.


As if lightning struck his head, Taeyeon felt a jolt of electric current running through his body. He hesitated for a moment before thanking Jessica and hurrying out of the toilet. While he was dressing up in the room, Taeyeon could still feel the spot on his chin where Jessica had touched.

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It’s Magic – ONE



A taxi stopped outside a double storey house at the end of the road. Taeyeon, bundled in a warm coat and bright blue scarf alighted from the taxi, pulling his suitcase along with him to the main gate. He pressed the doorbell once and waited.


The gate slowly parted in the middle and Taeyeon took large strides towards the main door. Just then, the large wooden door flew open and a tall tanned teenager dashed towards him, enveloping him in a bear hug.


“Taeng, why are you so late? Even the ‘always late’ princess Jessica arrived hours ago!” Yul exclaimed, patting his good friend’s back while hugging him.


“Sorry, I overslept. Good to see you again, Yul.”

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Hug A Lot

Once upon a time, there lived a King and a Queen who stayed at a castle by the lake. They had two beautiful daughters. The elder one was Princess Sica Sleepalot and the younger was Princess Yoongie Chompalot.

One morning, three members of the royal family were having breakfast at the dining hall; King Kyung Ho, Queen Soo Young and Princess Yoongie. It wasn’t unusual for Princess Sica to miss breakfast as she preferred sleeping to eating and would often sleep till it was nearly lunch time.

The King and Queen were getting concerned about their elder daughter’s future as she was of age to get married. However, Princess Sica often stayed at home and didn’t like to go out to socialise unlike her younger sister Princess Yoongie.

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Unexpected Guest Part 2

“Yes you did!”

“No I didn’t!”

“It was obviously you, who else would be so clumsy and careless?!”

(sound of a door slamming)

“See I’m right! Childish fool! Can’t get any sense into your thick head! Argh!!” Taeyeon yelled. He had been arguing with his younger brother Taejin the whole night over a trivial matter that grew out of proportion. Feeling very frustrated, he decided to get out of the house to cool himself down.

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