Tender Loving Care

Rain pelted against the windows like bullets and the wind was howling. Dark clouds loomed across the sky and it seemed they would be here to stay for the rest of the day.


When Jessica opened the door, she was greeted with a sheepish smile by the person standing outside the apartment. Taeyeon was completely soaked from head to toe and she was holding her backpack in her hand. Water was dripping from her backpack. It was evident she tried to use her backpack to shield her head but that move was rendered useless in the strong wind.


Jessica was visibly upset, especially seeing Taeyeon shiver in her wet clothes. “Taengoo! How many times have I reminded you to bring an umbrella out?!”


“Oops.” Taeyeon looked down, unable to meet her lover’s scary glare. “I forgot.”


“You always give me the same excuse each time!” Jessica complained as she stormed away from the door.


“Sorry,” Taeyeon called out. She took off her shoes and wiped her feet on the mat at the door before stepping into the apartment.


Sitting by the small stool near the door, Taeyeon unzipped her backpack and pulled out some tissues to dry the exterior of her backpack before she headed in, lest the water from her bag dripped across the living room. She knew that Jessica would be livid if that happened.


As Taeyeon was bending down to dry her bag, she felt a towel being wrapped around her body. Taeyeon got up and met Jessica eye to eye. The latter used the ends of the towel to dry Taeyeon’s arms.


“I remember packing an umbrella into your bag, where is it?” Jessica questioned.


“I took it out of my bag just before I left the office. Yuri came over to talk to me and I must have accidentally left it on my desk after we finished talking,” Taeyeon replied guiltily.


Jessica lifted the towel and used it to dry the ends of Taeyeon’s hair. “You should have gone back to get it when you get to the lobby, knowing that it is raining so heavily.”


“Aish, it’s only a short distance from the train station to our house. I thought I could make a run for it. Afterall, I need to shower when I get home.”


“That’s a very lame excuse, Kim Taeyeon. When you get sick, I get worried and I’ve to spend time looking after you.”


“Ah, tender loving care. How sweet,” Taeyeon said jokingly.


“Ya Taeyeon!” Jessica gave Taeyeon a shove and pushed her towards the bathroom.


Although Jessica was complaining about Taeyeon’s carelessness, Taeyeon knew that Jessica still cared for her else she wouldn’t have brought a towel and made the effort to dry her.


Once the couple got into the bathroom, Jessica unbuttoned Taeyeon’s blouse hastily. Her intention was to get the poor girl out of her wet clothes quickly so that she wouldn’t catch a cold.


“Hey, can’t wait to see me naked?” Taeyeon said cheekily, stealing a quick peck on Jessica’s cheek.


Jessica’s face burst into a shade of red.


“Do it yourself then.” Jessica disappeared out of the bathroom in a flash amid hearty laughter from Taeyeon.


After Taeyeon was done showering, she saw a mug of hot chocolate on the dressing table in the bedroom. A wide smile crept up her face as she took a sip of the hot chocolate. It warmed her heart and body.


Just then, Jessica entered the bedroom. Taeyeon saw a frown on Jessica’s face in the mirror.


“Come here,” Jessica commanded, pointing at the edge of the bed where she was standing.


Taeyeon did as she was told, wondering what she did. Perhaps the hot chocolate wasn’t meant for her and she drank it.


Jessica pressed Taeyeon’s shoulders and forced the latter to sit on the edge of the bed. Then she grabbed a small towel from the cupboard and placed it on Taeyeon’s head. Working from the crown of Taeyeon’s head, Jessica began to dry Taeyeon’s still-wet hair.


“How do I live without you, I want to know,” Taeyeon sang a line from LeAnn Rimes’ How Do I Live.


“I want to know too. Silly girl, how can you drink the hot chocolate without drying your hair properly.”


Taeyeon chuckled. “The hot chocolate warmed my heart and made me forget about the cold.”


“Cheesy.” Jessica smacked Taeyeon’s shoulder lightly.


Taeyeon grabbed Jessica’s wrists and pulled the latter towards her. Their noses touched and it sent an electrifying jolt through their bodies.


“Thank you, dear.” Taeyeon planted a kiss on Jessica’s forehead.


“If you’re going to forget your umbrella again, I’m not going to be bothered with you anymore,” Jessica grumbled, her heart was beating very quickly at their close proximity.


Jessica loved to drown herself in the sincere pair of eyes that were staring at her and it was that same pair of eyes that always made her anger disappeared in a smoke. She tried to pull away, hoping to retain some of her frustrations at the older girl but failed. Taeyeon had an iron grip on her wrists and even curled a leg around her waist.


“Sorry dear. I’ll make an effort to remember the next time.”


A kiss on the nose.


“You had better remember, else …”


A kiss on the lips.


“I love you,” Taeyeon mouthed into the kiss.


“You’re careless and forgetful but I love you too,” came the reply as Jessica melted into the kiss.


= The End=


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