The silver hatchback came to a stop at a block of apartments. Jessica watched Taeyeon unbuckle her seatbelt quietly. Her heart was beating rapidly. It wasn’t the first time she sent Taeyeon home after eating dinner together. It wasn’t the first time she was thinking of how to broach a particular topic. Words floated around in her mind but she just couldn’t arrange them in a logical manner and vocalise them.


Jessica had been hanging out with Taeyeon often in the recent weeks and realised her interest in the older girl was increasing each time they met. They were working in different departments and had met through a project they were currently working on.


Suddenly, Jessica became very aware of the close proximity between them as Taeyeon leaned over to reach for her backpack on the backseat. If she had enough guts, Jessica would reach over and confess immediately. However, this scene replayed itself each time for the past week with no surprises.  


“Thanks for the ride,” Taeyeon said as she pulled the door handle, preparing to leave.


Maybe we could make this a daily affair? And perhaps we could share a hug and goodnight kiss before you alight. Jessica wished.


“Do you have something to say?” Taeyeon asked. “You seem hesitant.”


“Oh, no no it’s nothing,” Jessica quickly replied, embarrassed. “Good night.”


Taeyeon waited for a while. “You sure?”


Jessica nodded. She had to chase Taeyeon out of the car as soon as possible lest the later spotted her reddening cheeks.


“Shoo, shoo. It’s late. See you tomorrow.”


Three nights later, the same scene repeated itself at the foot of Taeyeon’s apartment. Jessica watched Taeyeon unbuckle her seatbelt and reach for her backpack. The only difference was this time, Taeyeon hugged her backpack and appeared a little awkward.


“Thank you for being so kind to send me home each time.”


“My pleasure. Afterall, it is on the way home for me. I don’t mind the company on my way home else I might just fall asleep.”


Taeyeon chuckled. “Yeah, you aren’t nicknamed the Sleeping Beauty for no reason. You literally can fall asleep anywhere.”


“Hey, it is tiring to rack my brains for the whole day. A girl needs her beauty sleep in order to look this good ya,” Jessica defended, pointing at herself.


“I definitely have no issues on the good looking part,” Taeyeon grinned.


Did she just complimented me on my looks?? Jessica wondered.


While Jessica was lost in her thoughts, she felt something warm touching her cheek briefly. It took her a full three seconds to realise what had just happened.


“Thanks for the ride and good night,” Taeyeon said hurriedly before alighting in a flash.


“Hey,” Jessica called out but the door had closed. She unbuckled her seatbelt quickly and got out of the car. She chased after Taeyeon and managed to grab her wrist just as Taeyeon finished entering her access code at the door.


Jessica spun Taeyeon around and noticed how pink her cheeks were.


“Hey, you can’t just kiss me like that and leave.”


Taeyeon raised a brow. “I can’t?”


Jessica shook her head.


“Then what should…”


Before Taeyeon could finish her question, Jessica pressed her lips against Taeyeon’s, silencing the former, her hands on either side of Taeyeon’s face.


“I need to kiss you back,” Jessica said in a whisper, “else it wouldn’t be fair.”


Taeyeon chuckled and gently gave Jessica a peck on the lips. “This could go on forever.”


“I don’t mind.” The words slipped out of Jessica’s mouth in an instant. “Let’s date.”


The corner of Taeyeon’s lips turned up to form a wide grin. “Most certainly.”


= The End =